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Our Border Collies are our pets and know the work that goes into having one but we love them so. Our dogs are part of our family and we include them in everything we do. They are a part of our life and we are a part of theirs. I hear the comment, “it’s only a dog”. They are correct, but they are only a dog, because that is all “they” made/trained them to be. I happen to want more than that. They are my playmates, companions, cohorts and my best friends.

Check Out the "What Happened This Week " tab below to get a weekly update of some of the events and antics that happens on the farm involving the dogs and myself. They can be so loving, amusing and mischievous and you'll never know what they will do next. It's written in a somewhat humorous style, that can be a little twisted...... at times. Also check our pups all Grown up.

Sometimes people will get a Border Collie and not be aware of their needs. If you need help in any way please contact me before you give up or give in to a shelter. I will always help, no questions ask.

The Ten Dogs of Dogwood Ridge...

Each of our Dogs is Different, and everyone has a unique personality, just like children. They will all sit in your lap, follow you around, play ball and Frisbee for hours and sleep in your lap.